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do you miss being a noble?
Figured that was on your mind, eh. Rather used to the rough living, even if some things get me steamed. Without much to my name, seems to matter more.

> But she kicks her feet up comfortably, chuckling smugly.

Like to see someone take it from me now, poor fellow, wouldn't even know what hit 'im.

how was your trip to the hamlet?
Exciting and dreadful. Like a good romp in the hay. Second bumpiest ride in the my life. First was Miran, she'd be delighted to hear I'm sure.

> She smile crooked, amused. You get the feeling this is all some sort of play with her.

But I don't kiss and tell, love, ain't very proper. Haven't given that much up.

least favorite companion?
Looking for gossip eh, some nitty gritty to spread in the cracks. Had some disagreements. Sure. But when there's madness in the air, hard to be on anyone's good side.

'Cept... I always knew when I was disliked. That prick in your skin, like someone's holding you up with a dagger, you feel it when someone wrongs you. Got left to bleed out, nearly did.

Wasn't sporting, champ.

> Her expression is bitter, let eye twitching once before she ducks her head, brim of her hat obscuring any view at her face.

No, not at all.

if you had the option to take everything you've personally dug up, cut and run, consequence free, would you?
Could bolt, should bolt.

> She swirls the liquid in her cup, a motion well practiced, practically unconscious.

But there's always more. Key to the game, when to cut off before they strap you in the Sanitarium for much worse.

how do you deal with stress?
Junia doesn't believe it but you can find me at the Abbey occasionally.


Why? A lady has to keep some secrets.

did you have any family?
You wouldn't know it, but my father was a crook. A real hardass, who slipped off to the grave. Oh, he had the shave, the nails, the silks and leathers you dream of. He had it all. Didn't know how to keep one measly gold in his hands.

May my mother rest in peace, s'been a long time.

> The Grave Robber tips her head in revered silence and does not look back up.

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