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Ver sits the oatmeal in front of Gin while she fixes her hair.

"Dearie, I put in berries this time! That sweet Palette girl brought a bunch in the week prior."

Gin smiles thinly, shaking her hair down from her messy bun. Her quarters are barely touched, only the sheets rumpled under her body and Ver smiles wider.

"There are no recruits coming in, today. And the away party won't be back until tomorrow. Let's spend time together."

Let's do something together, she says. And Gin nods, plops a berry silently from the warm mush. The juice bursts from the thin flesh, spills warmly down her mouth. She wipes her mouth with the back of her hand.

Food and drink. Flirting and gambling.

"And after visiting the tavern, I know you've taken to mentoring that young woman whether she wants to or not--"

Gin snorts.

"And the gates to the Graveyard will still be open."

Gin smiles and Ver meets her smile, at least, until Gin speaks.

"You'll have to kill me to get me in there."

"Ah, Gin. Y-You shouldn't say that." Ver's fingers twitch, threading into a nervous clasp. She can't hide the anxious expression she's making, body tensing harder the longer Gin smiles and says nothing.


Ver reaches for her hand.

"I just want us to visit Ulysses."

"Ulysses isn't there." But Gin squeezes her hand. Takes a deep breath, doesn't let the storm building in her chest leak out into her breath.

"Yes, he is, his tomb is--"

"No!" Gin snaps, throwing her shaking hand out of hers. "His tomb? His tomb? A broken stone split into dead earth? Don't you patronize me. You batty woman, did you see me drag back his body, one hair, one fingernail?"

Ver stills, sits under her biting tone. Gin looks down to her feet, hair casting a veil over her face.

Neither speaks.

Ver lets out the barest sob and Gin clings to her shoulders, veil of hair hiding them both.

Food and drink. Flirting and Gambling.

"Don't speak to me like that, Gin!" Ver's voice is shrill and clogged with tears. Gin whispers soundlessly into her hood.

Food. Drink. Flirting. Gambling.