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Serra: Eeeeeeerk!
Erk: .....
Serra: Erk! I'm RIGHT behind you!
Erk: ...
Erk: I know.
Erk: That's why I didn't turn around.
Serra: Huh?
Serra: Oh, I know.
Serra: You had to take one your little moments, right?
Erk: ...
Serra: Your memory is quite sharp... but even that isn't enough to prepare you for my radiance face to face.
Erk: That's. Not it at all.
Serra: Sure, sure, listen.
Erk: I will not! I am currently employed elsewhere!
Serra: What? Such a harsh tone from the man who escorted my delicate frame to Ostia's house. You really are just as I remembered.
Serra: Hmph.
Erk: You are many things, Serra. But delicate is not one of them.
Erk: Might I suggest, "selective of hearing," instead.
Serra: I don't know what you're talking about.
Erk: Augh....
Serra: Whoever your employer is, you both have plenty to gain if you join up with Lord Eliwood!
Erk: With the current political climate, I am forced to agree.
Serra: Ah!
Serra: Well, what are we waiting for!
Serra: We must go, keep in front of me, Erk!
Erk: This does not mean I am your guard!


Erk: Serra.
Serra: Hm?
Serra: Is it my dearest Erk approaching ME?
Erk: Be serious, for once.
Serra: I am.
Serra: What a harsh face.
Serra: Really, Erk.
Serra: You have to understand, it's only natural I fawn over Lord Hector.
Erk: ...what.
Serra: He's nobility, FINE nobility!
Serra: As a girl, it's only natural.
Erk: How is it before I even speak, you throw the world into chaos.
Erk: What sort of crooked spoon was forced into your mouth as a child.
Serra: I was a very proper child, I'll have you know.
Erk: Nevermind.
Erk: Serra.
Serra: You're always so serious, what!
Erk: Underneath your gibberish, you're quite intuitive, aren't you.
Serra: ....
Serra: Was that.. a compliment?
Serra: You don't. Do that.
Serra: Are you dying?
Serra: Is this why you've come to me, for St. Elimine's blessings?
Erk: You says things like that often, what is normal of me, and what is not.
Erk: However, you spout so much nonsense it gets buried all too quickly.
Serra: Ugh, forget blessings, you may end up cursed instead!
Erk: Why are doing this?
Serra: This??
Erk: Right now. You're talking for the sake of talking.
Erk: You keep rambling on and on and --
Serra: This is how a conversation works, Erk!
Serra: You open your mouth. Words come out. Wow.
Serra: And sometimes people remember what other people say during conversation.
Serra: Amazing.
Erk: .....
Serra: .....
Erk: .....
Serra: Is it so strange OR remarkable I remember anything about you?
Serra: We traveled for weeks together, on foot, nonetheless.
Serra: Of course, I remembered.
Serra: You can even be awfully charming, when you unhinge your mandible from your face.
Serra: Forget it.
Erk: Where are you going?
Serra: I'm in a bad mood.
Serra: I'm leaving.
Serra: Bleh.


Serra: .....
Erk: .....
Serra: Don't bend your arm, keep it straight.
Serra: This takes time, you know.
Serra: And I won't hear the end of it, if you heal crooked.
Serra: Just my luck, Oswin and Lord Hector see the fruits of my labor like this.
Erk: So we're back on speaking terms, I take it.
Serra: ...for the time being.
Serra: Or you can just stay quiet.
Serra: I recall many forest walks that went in that direction.
Erk: Serra, perhaps you could listen for a change?
Erk: Quietly.
Serra: .....
Serra: You're mean.
Serra: Do you even mean to be?
Serra: Or were you born with a sour tongue.
Erk: I'm patient with tomes, not with people.
Serra: .....
Erk: You're annoying... but sweet.
Erk: You remember how I forget dinner, and where I tend to keep notes and scrolls.
Erk: All hidden in random pockets of my robes.
Erk: You even remember how I lose track of time when I read, and snuff out the candles to prove how dark it's become.
Erk: You know my habits exceedingly well.
Erk: It makes me...
Serra: ......
Erk: ......
Serra: .....
Serra: WELL?
Serra: It makes you red like an apple?
Serra: Blue like a blueberry?
Serra: What?!
Erk: Uncomf...
Serra: Erk, I can't hear you--
Erk: It makes me uncomfortable, to be known so... easily.
Erk: When I am not... much to know.
Serra: ...
Erk: You jump around so confidently, and that makes it worse. I wonder how you know me.
Erk: And I wonder how you can be so insecure.
Serra: ....
Serra: Your arm is healed.
Serra: I have to get back to the front.
Serra: After all, it's what is expected of me.
Erk: Serra!


Serra: .....
Serra: .....
Serra: .....
Serra: Are you there, Erk?
Erk: It's early, how are you even awake?
Serra: .....
Serra: The monastery believed when the sun rose, so did we.
Serra: And when the darkness spread from the sky to the ground, we closed our eyes and ended the day.
Serra: I have to force myself to sleep even an hour later.
Serra: This little group, hahah...
Serra: Everyone sleeps so easily.
Serra: .....
Serra: I don't want your pity, Erk.
Serra: It's the one thing that will make me hate you.
Erk: Pity?
Erk: When have I pitied you?
Serra: You will. If I tell you, you will.
Serra: And I'll hate you, I'll hate you with all my heart.
Erk: You're being ridiculous.
Serra: You don't know! You can say every mean and rude thing you want to me, anyone could!
Serra: It will always be better than being pitied.
Erk: ....
Serra: The one time I wanted to shut you up was because you WERE right. You saw through me.
Serra: All I can do is talk, and you know why? It's free, and right here, and I'll never be without.
Serra: What else did I have, a poor girl in a destitute home that could only regularly provide prayers, not food, not beds, no kinds words that didn't come from God.
Serra: But I won't be colored by that.
Serra: I refuse.
Serra: I won't be pitied for my suffering or any ugly bit of my past!
Serra: Ah...
Erk: Serra.
Erk: You're mistaken.
Serra: ...?
Erk: You are not a victim.
Erk: You are a survivor.
Erk: Even in this, you're destined to be stubborn.
Serra: (scowls intensifies)
Erk: You're stronger than most servicemen!
Erk: And ten times as loud.
Erk: Being lonely is just... a matter of circumstance.
Serra: W-Who says I'm lonely, huh, huh?!
Erk: I do.
Erk: After all, you tried to befriend me.
Erk: And I couldn't have been chillier than my Master's iciest magic spells.
Erk: Even now, you're better off trying to charm Matthew, or Lord Hector.
Erk: They have skills... with words.
Serra: Skills you lack, huh.
Erk: ....
Serra: I almost wish you weren't so predictable.
Serra: Calling me insecure...
Serra: You can throw fire balls in loops and patterns, more complex than a stitch.
Serra: Erk!
Serra: You bone head.
Serra: How dare you assassinate my character like this!
Erk: Excuse me?
Erk: What are you accusing me of?
Serra: Saying I'm better off, pffft! Because you're lacking, or, how did you put it, not much.
Serra: Tell me.
Serra: What do I look like for being the girl who fell in love with you!
Erk: ...........
Erk: WHAT?!
Serra: You're smart! And tough, even if you are small! But I like that about you, I can rest myself on your shoulders after a long day's trek.
Erk: Slow down. Wait. What's happening?
Serra: You're so uptight but so obvious! I know you care about me.
Erk: ....
Serra: You wouldn't have approached me to speak, in the first place. You wanted to know why I was sad. You thought I was lonely.
Serra: Bone head, you're just like me.
Serra: We don't want anyone to know who we really are.
Serra: But we suuuuure blew it for each other.
Erk: That's the worst way you could have put it...
Erk: but the most accurate.
Erk: Serra....
Erk: Is this why you came to talk to me.
Serra: No.
Erk: No. No?
Serra: I was going to tell you to mind your own business, when you can't even acknowledge your own self.
Serra: But then I saw the sleep lines in your face... and my truth wanted to come out.
Serra: I love you, Erk.
Serra: But if you ever pity me, for being too loud, or being in the way, or for ever being myself, I'll hate you.
Serra: I'll cry and cry and cry and make you hate yourself, too.
Erk: You're a terrifying girl.
Erk: ...
Erk: But you've become very. Important. To me.
Serra: Wow, you said it.
Erk: .........sighs.
Erk: Where do we go from here, this is a war, after all.
Serra: Rain check?
Serra: Besides. I have to check with Lucius about how guilty I have to be over my chastity vow.
Erk: .........
Serra: Erk?
Serra: Erk!

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