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Hector: Eliwood!
Eliwood: What is it?
Hector: Relay a message to your tactician, that maneuver around the river was gold!
Eliwood: Ah, that's high praise coming from you.
Hector: But she's still bloody awful at managing teams of three or more.
Hector: The only reason the old man's tent didn't go up in flames, was I was around to guard!
Eliwood: Ah.
Eliwood: Well, yes.
Hector: Do you disagree?
Eliwood: No. She is young and an apprentice studying her craft.
Eliwood: But it is because she is open to criticism and improves daily, that I have faith in her.
Hector: I despair to see her first day on the battlefield.
Eliwood: Would you rather she keep to maps and texts in a tent, removed from the field?
Hector: Hogwash.
Hector: I'm not a strategist for Ostia, but I know it's the experience of soldiers, living and breathing, that shape a tactician's skill.
Hector: You'll learn far more from a man sweating and cursing in battle, than a dusty book.
Eliwood: I expected you to say as much.
Eliwood: You would have been better suited to the north, with the incoming cavalry.
Eliwood: She would appreciate this note, why not tell her yourself?
Hector: You're better suited to it, than me.
Eliwood: Criticizing others?
Eliwood: Hah.
Eliwood: Our childhood seems to paint us the same color in that regard.
Hector: Pft. You're the diplomat, and I'm the hardy one. Give me the cavalry, I'll give you the words.
Eliwood: Somehow I doubt the well your opinions comes from will dry out.
Hector: When I die, perhaps.
Hector: Even then, there are stories of mouthy specters, aren't there?
Eliwood: Oh, dear.
Eliwood: Regardless of that particular fate...
Eliwood: I pray it's a long time before it reveals itself.
Hector: You worry too much.
Hector: Eliwood, let's go!
Eliwood: Yes!


Eliwood: .....
Eliwood: .....
Hector: Blast it, Eliwood! Hurry up and get on with it.
Eliwood: Relax your stance, Hector. There is nothing to guard against.
Hector: Hah, as if Oswin bringing down the hammer wasn't enough.
Hector: She may be your tactician but I won't suffer another indignity.
Eliwood: ...Oswin must have really set you on edge.
Hector: I should go down to the river and use my big mouth to catch trout.
Eliwood: Well, that's kinder than his usual reprimands.
Eliwood: Hector...
Hector: I'm in a foul mood, spit it out or leave.
Eliwood: Your tongue lashing was between yourself and our lady tactician.
Eliwood: I am not here to speak for either of you.
Hector: Perish the thought!
Hector: What do you want?
Eliwood: .....
Eliwood: I came here as a friend.
Eliwood: If you could cease being an ass, I'll tell you.
Hector: ...
Eliwood: Are you ill?
Hector: What? No.
Eliwood: You were pulled from the front because of your performance.
Hector: I was pulled for nothing!
Eliwood: Nothing? You were yawning, as if you'd just been pulled from slumber.
Hector: I said it was nothing because it was, I was fine.
Eliwood: You stubborn oaf, you should know better than to let down your guard.
Eliwood: On the battlefield, of all places!
Hector: So you came to lecture me, I knew it. Listen well, Eliwood.
Hector: I do know better, I know more than you'll ever know.
Hector: You try to fight a current and you'll get swept up in it. You don't travel well.
Hector: You've never been this far from home, I can see you getting tired.
Hector: Day and night.
Hector: Don't tell me I don't know when I'm sluggish, when I see you sway, and sweat, and curse under your breath.
Hector: The battlefield is no place for playing. You're either tough or you aren't.
Eliwood: .....
Hector: What, you mad I called you a weakling.
Eliwood: Aren't we all weaklings compared to you, Hector?
Eliwood: I know my strengths, much as I know my weaknesses.
Eliwood: I am meant to move between ranks, and offer support, rather than lead a charge.
Eliwood: And I will swallow my pride and step aside, when I am truly lacking.
Hector: Hah. You truly never change.
Hector: Still as steadfast as ever.
Eliwood: I can say the same of you.
Eliwood: You always give away your hand when you least expect to.
Hector: What?
Eliwood: How often have you been checking up on me?
Hector: I don't check up on you. You think I have that kind of time?
Eliwood: I do. You proved it, just now.
Hector: Nonsense.
Hector: A simple observation... you're making it out to be more than it is.
Eliwood: I worry for you.
Hector: Don't.
Eliwood: Hector--
Hector: I'm tired of this, Eliwood.
Eliwood: Answer me honestly, are you ill?
Hector: Dammit it all to hell, I'M NOT.
Hector: I slept poorly, all right!
Hector: I slept poorly and had strange dreams.
Eliwood: .....
Eliwood: Tell me about it.
Hector: .....
Hector: It wasn't as if it was a nightmare.
Eliwood: That's not what I asked.
Hector: You didn't ask anything.
Eliwood: .....
Eliwood: Would you tell me about your dream?
Hector: ...fine.
Hector: There was a man. Old with a great long beard.
Hector: He was dying.
Eliwood: Dying?
Hector: Blood dripped from his lips.
Hector: He spoke but I couldn't hear anything.
Eliwood: ...was it someone you know?
Hector: No one I've met.
Hector: Are you satisfied?
Eliwood: No.
Eliwood: There was no pleasure to be gained from this.
Eliwood: But I'm happy you told me.
Hector: If you've gotten what you wanted, take off, will you.
Hector: I'm tired.
Eliwood: Of course.
Eliwood: Good night.
Eliwood: You daft fool.