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Tokiya ([personal profile] mother_hearted) wrote2017-04-08 09:46 pm

entry two.

remembering to journal is hard, news at 11.

except not, because i am usually asleep by then. there was a period of my life when i could stay up until 2am. and did. now i routinely go to bed anywhere between 8:30 and 10:30. 11pm is WHOA for me, lmao.

but confirming over the past few years i am a morning person and am wired to be my most energetic between 6am and 2pm? unsurprising. lately i have to get up by 5:30 for george's medicine anyway. cats with heart conditions. wah.

things that are making me anxious lately: back at work but need to confirm transportation. unhappily have to deal with not being able to hash things about beforehand. i tried, whatever. i have a ride for monday, if it doesn't work out. but still. u g h. working with mel is something i am not looking forward to but i am just going to suck it up and do better this year than last year. but mildly worried about starting back up at work. waiting for our evicted neighbors to finish moving out. don't want to witness or deal with anything that isn't my business. also thinking about the future, i don't want to deal with bad neighbors that might move in. paranoid they won't be as quiet as these guys.

we'll see, i guess.

i don't do well with transitions.


still upset i didn't ship persona 5 to my address and kept it on my parents. have to wait to pick it up when we visit them on easter.

tired, gonna call it a night.


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