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Tokiya ([personal profile] mother_hearted) wrote2017-04-14 09:50 pm

entry three.


i am so tired. finished work, then went food shopping before coming home to dinner and a shower. lovey's turn now, finally settled in bed and tried to relax. more than just my body, my mind is so drained.

i don't wanna talk about work, lmao. other than, back at the gh. pay is good. work isn't bad. do i like the job? ehhhhh. i realized it last yet but i came back this year because i needed to. blah.

otherwise, excited to eat good food this weekend, see my family on Easter, do more wedding planning with lovey. finally pick up persona 5 from my parents house. ugh, will i even have time to play when we get back...

i may get up early before work to play an hour or two. i just. huffs!!!! it's driving me crazy because i know three people on my plurk are playing it and no one is spoiling it for me but i'm so hyper paranoid. and aggressively avoiding a lot of the internet. another friend is going to buy the game tomorrow. i'm just. jealous and anxious, lmao. i wanna play!!! i know it was better to send it to my parents because i just went back to work and needed to focus on that but. waaaah. it's the one thing for me? that i've bought to enjoy for the longest time.

we'll see....

i keep thinking about finding new friends and connections on dreamwidth. idk about that. i need to post more on my journal or something.

also need to tag all my old public writing entries. s'what i get. ffffff.

...i really wish lovey would stop listening to the same stuff while she showers. i hate listening to it.


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