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If I'm being honest, I woke up this morning not feeling much great about anything.

My mother noticed.

She asked if I was depressed.

I said no, not quite.

She offered sad next.

I settled for it with a nod.

But despite the fact I have times where I am particularly unhappy for no reason, I know it won't always be forever. Sometimes that helps. Not always. But sometimes. I haven't mastered framing feelings with logic but I have gotten better at it.

So the things I am thankful for, in no particular order.

Having a home to protect me and house me and let me escape from the world when it feels too too much.

My family, for aiding me and supporting me and loving me. Giving me the tools I need to grab the opportunities in my life, even if they don't always work out.

All the people who have helped me, if you spared a kind word when I was feeling down or even when I was on top of the world, thank you for laughing with me then too.

My best friends, my close friends, my platonic soulmates, all of you who have helped shaped me and driven me to become a better person than I was the day before; thank you.

My sweet special lady who I never dreamed of having in my life but I do, thank you for shining so brightly and being ever so warm in my arms.

This has been a year where I made some decisions, they weren't always right but they were mine.

For that I'm grateful.

Happy November 22nd, everyone.
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Nov. 11th, 2010 08:10 pm
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Today was a weird day, pffft, woke up feeling disgustingly sick and missed my Soc class. Normally even if I feel off I go in and grin and bear it but this sick was straggling the line of very possible vomiting and I hate throwing up in public restrooms (this has happened a handful of times sadly) because

1). It makes me feel gross
2). It makes the person who will undoubtedly walk in after I check to see if its clear feel gross
3). Throwing up in general is just not pleasant and if I can avoid it I will

Thankfully I felt better in the afternoon and made it to Anthropology without a fuss.

After Anthropology I finally discovered where my game was |D

I think it was my first legit time flirting (for real) and ajfdklfj;fj;fjafj I told her she had the prettiest hair (because she did) and we talked for a few minutes and yadda yadda ♥ yadda, her phone rang a few moments before I went to pick up my stuff and leave so I not wanting to bother her I chose not to say night or anything, then I went to the door she looked into the mirror and smiled and said bye to me and /HEART FLUTTER AHHHHHH and then I said bye and left and went and told Izy


/the end
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I love when I have time to look back through the posts I missed on [ profile] teamratbert.

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(To be fair, you can substitute father or brother in that sentence and it would be just as true but for now, Mom is responsible for the following photographed occasion)

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And now!

I have many things to talk about. )

And in good spirits, good night ♥
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On the 13th and 17th I went to go see Burton's Alice in Wonderland.

Riiiiiight after the second viewing I wanted to see it again -w-

It was a visually stunning movie and what I liked especially was the relationship between this Alice and Hatter (or Tarrant, referring to him by both now). The chemistry, Burton you are a cruel man xD; Needless to say I've been watching not only burtons_alice on LJ but alice_tarrant as well. Makes me so happy *A* Save for promotional images and trailers I had remained spoiler free before going to see the movie. I'm glad I did, Alice/Hatter hitting me in the face was a delightful feeling. I know exactly when it happened too.

The scene in the castle where Alice brings back the Hatter in general is one of my favorites but it was this line that did it;

Why is it you're always too small or too tall?

Then I knew, no coming back from that ♥

Yesterday I also bought the soundtrack because Danny Elfman always delivers such gorgeous music.

/shamelessly has Alice's Theme on repeat as well

Other than AiW, Silent Hill and Luceti have been taking up my mind.

Silent Hill 4 takes me a long time to get through but I'm really digging all the psychological elements. And it makes me want to produce all sorts of fic. Recently I've been inspired and have started my mini-epic AU of SH4 with copious amounts of head!canon and Henry as a FtM Transgendered character. I loved Henry and now working on this, I love him even more. The change in dynamics are so interesting and exploring the reasons behind his behavior in game ajfkadfjafja;lfj makes me way to happy. Can't wait to post and share it ♥

Going back to Luceti with Mama Adell has been a total dream. I'm having so much fun creating depth and exploring her character. What I like most is I picked her with just me, the player, in mind, and she's perhaps one of my best picks ever regarding muses. The Disgaea cast is small in Luceti and I don't mind at all, we have her Mama A, Adell, Flonne, and Kurtis. I'm enjoying all the cross fandom CR she just picks up, such an independent character. While she follows the pattern of characters I like to app (Supporting NPCs) she has a much bigger personality and all these complexities to sort through on the inside due to vague canon being vague. (But I don't mind, loving on my head!canon). I joined up in Feb. and came just in time.

Best Luceti love event ever. A week long, deeply emotional affair with conflict and guilt and yearning and yeah. I'm still shipping Hanekoma/Mama A. I regret nothing ♥

Mom + Adell threads I am enjoying immensely. Our Adell is amazing (and delightful to talk to in general) /o/

...I need to update my LJ also. I could crosspost but I. Just don't feel like it.

Eh. That's okay xD

--NG+ starts posting tomorrow, I can't wait to read ♥

*off she goes with happy thoughts*
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10:59 EST time I sent in my submission for NG+ \o/;

My heart was pounding holy crap.

But. I did it. I liked it.

And now I just hope my recipient will like it.

Ahhhhahhhhhh xD;

Phew ♥


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