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How I interact with fandom is so distinctly different now. A lot of it has to do with the platform, plurk is my go to for connecting and talking and, following that, I still use AIM as a primary means of contact for people. When I was on LiveJournal I very rarely wrote beefy posts for discussions and purposely facilitating those discussions. There were people on my friends list who did that and I enjoyed contributing but I never made a real effort to do so in my own "space."

Mostly I posted things I made. A large majority of it was fanfiction. Before I ever roleplayed on LiveJournal the bulk of friends I made or, at least people I frequently talked to, had to do with fic. Not even my fic all the time, but in communities with my favorite pairings or just comms dedicated to my favorite series.

Post. Comment. Reply. Comment. Reply. Reply. Reply. I went from that little gateway talking about my otps to sharing my school life and whining when I was sick, and generally sharing feelings with my expanded friends list. Overtime the same was given to me. I really enjoyed it. For me, especially in high school and college, it was an ideal place to make friends.

There are people I made friends with in 2007/2008 that I still talk to today.

When I decided to move from LJ to DW, I saw the core of fandom shift. A lot of it is on tumblr. As a place to try to talk or get to know someone, I fucking hate tumblr, lmfao. It is horrible for me and my personality. To this day I make friends from some journaling site or through plurk because I saw them in someone elses plurk and we got along through our mutual interests. And we are able to hold actual conversations.

Even back when I was in LJ and actively participating in the Tales of the Abyss fandom, fandom was still small to me. It was small and I was able to have personal emotional connections. Tumblr is like a scrapbook for me, visual and audio inspiration.

Writing has always been fun and a core of how I bond with people. I want to write stories. I want to write stories for them. I want to write stories with them. RP is its own little bullet point under that, haha. And even if I'm not writing a story or never plan to, expressing ideas and preferences and opinions, painting pictures through words and evoking reactions.

I like to share those feelings. In fandom it gives you a list of preferences, likes, and dislikes. But it also shows you their personality, what's meaningful, what needs to be said, and an appreciation for getting to know someone in the first place.

The way I have always interacted with fandom works for me. I want to share my feelings and opinions of course, everyone wants to be listened to and respected. It's the fact I get to do that too, I get to see excited, frustration, the typing tics that people acquire and even influence me with.

I like learning what to look for when someone has a bad day. How to listen and when not to speak, or when a quick skype session is needed, or a sudden picture bomb of hand hearts.

I like learning to throw people off guard with joy and with my love.

I like forming relationships, between two people (and more) that are multifaceted. Private messages and text messages and surprise packages in the mail. When you find something and you don't even think, open a new tab and tell someone YOOOOOOOOOOOO and they know exactly why you did it.

Mostly I like the fact I can gradually get to these emotional depths all because I took the time to capitalize a word and say I'm really excited you like the thing too, can we spend a minute liking this thing together!!!

I complain a lot about fandom in general but in the end it's been really good for me.

I have friends who I can spoil with passion, words, and love.

That's pretty great.


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